Nellie Kunz

Nellie Kunz's Tlingit name is Deisku. She was born in 1965 at St. Ann's hospital and spent her early childhood in the Juneau Indian Village.  She spoke with us about her memories of the village, her grandparents, working as a nurse, and taking care of her mother during her final years. 

"I know it probably won't happen now... but I would love to have it [the downtown village] restored to how it used to be."

Nellie Kunz at KTOO, January 2018

Nellie Kunz at KTOO, January 2018

"[My grandmother] Mrs. Cecilia Kunz was a matriarch of Juneau.  You could tell her your Tlingit name and she knew where you came from and your family."

A lot of good memories

one end of the village to the other

When's Dinner?

Sam's adobo - kids - Red Rover

be strong and never stop learning

words from Mom- precious time together

"Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to be a nurse...I guess that's just my calling...I was very honored to be able to take care of my mother."