Ed and Percy Kunz


Percy and Ed Kunz in their home, January 2018

Ed Kunz was born in Juneau in 1938 and grew up in the Old Indian Village. His family home was built in 1933; Ed and his wife Percy live there today. Ed spoke with us about his family history, his days at Haskell University, changes in the village over time, and Tlingit culture. 

"Respect. Some people have different ideas about what is the most important thing. Some people say the language is, but I think it is respect.  Because the further back you go in your culture and your family tree, the bigger your family gets." 



Grandparents - Kaagwaantaan - Kunz name 

Aak'w Tribe Council

property owners - 3 o'clock in the morning - Aak'w Kwaan

Tuberculosis and boarding school

tuberculosis - children's home - Mt. Edgecumbe - Wrangell Institute - family

Kaagwaantaan Dancers

dancing for the first time - keep your knees bent - all one family


the most important thing


boarding schools - learning someone else's culture - learning my own culture
Percy and Ed Kunz's home, January 2018

Percy and Ed Kunz's home, January 2018