Aan Yátx’u Sáani: Noble People of the Land

Juneau Histories Theater Project


Stories of identity, culture, and place in Juneau, Alaska.

This website is a partner project to the new theater production Aan Yátx'u Sáani: Noble People of the Land, which is a production of Ping Chong + Company in association with the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council.  

The theater piece Aan Yátx'u Sáani: Noble People of the Land was developed through in-depth interviews with over twenty Juneau community members.  Five of those community members form the cast for the production, sharing their personal stories live on stage.

The wealth of lived experience shared during interviews was deep and wide-ranging. Only a small portion could be shared in the theater production.  This archive showcases stories from these interviews.  These are stories of family, of growing up, of struggle and resilience, of deep connection to place, of learning, of massive change over time. 

Gunalchéesh and thank you to the many individuals who offered their time and stories to the development of this project.  

For additional information on the website story archive and theater production, visit the about page and Ping Chong + Company's website.