Marcelo Quinto

Quinto at the JACC gallery, February 2018

Quinto at the JACC gallery, February 2018

Marcelo Quinto was born at St. Ann's hospital in Juneau in 1941.  Marcelo joined the Junior Alaska Native Brotherhood in 1951, and has served as president of Camp 70 of the Alaska Native Brotherhood for the last fifteen years.  He is part of the cast of the live performance of Aan Yátx'u Sáani: Noble People of the Land. 

"My mother would say: you're half Filipino and you're half Tlingit. You gotta be proud of both of 'em."

Urban Renewal 

1960's - $2,000 - eminent domain

filipino floats

Alaska Native Women - Filipino men - crepe paper

"I can say this: I'd never have made it through this life without my wife.  She's my rock."