Khinkaduneek Paul Marks

Marks at the JACC, February 2018

Marks at the JACC, February 2018

Khinkaduneek Paul Marks was born and raised in Juneau.  Lukaaxh.adi axh naaxh satí Yéil Hit daxh. Chookaneidi yadi.  He shared family history, memories of growing up in Juneau, and spoke about the distinctions between Tlingit and Western culture.  Paul is a member of the cast of the live performance of Aan Yátx'u Sáani: Noble People of the Land. 

"Tlingit is my first language. And it becomes more comfortable for me, when I begin to speak the language. I go into that mode."


ancestors & change

Grandpa - 1836 - long generations


Why do you keep asking questions?

different worlds - witched - chatter - work - daa sayá?

Proving Your Knowledge

Elders - 'go to sleep now' - demeanor